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Mojo made of chocolate

December 10, 2005

Bongos! Ahhhhh! Damn hippies!



Racey Roo

December 10, 2005

Hi rogs! My name is Lacey. Tha big fansy tree is out again and Im all riggily abowt eeting some of that fansy paper. Do you rogs do that roo? As soon as my peeple get home Ima go eet some snow. I ruv winter.




we done helter-skelter through th’ screen dore agin

December 10, 2005

  tennesse.jpg  Howdy, we is th’ triplets fum Tennessee. Yestiddy ah ran through th’ screen dore agin an’ got yelled at. It don’t make enny sense t’have th’ fake dore thar ennyway.

thank you!

December 9, 2005

Thanks Ford for the advice. My person just brought home new shoes rast night. I think I will poop in them now.

-Ruby ruby_westie1.gif

Welcome Ruby…

December 9, 2005

Hey Ruby,

Ya I know what you mean, being left at home for so long can be boring. You need to let your reople know what you are lonely for them. There its rots of stuff roo can roo…like…rip up your persons shoes, orrrrr take a poop on their pillow, orrrrr chew dere cell phone. I chewed my persons cell phone once when it was brand new heeheeherrher. I got in rots of trouble, but they never left me alone for a long time again!

Ruv, Ford ford.jpg


December 9, 2005


ohmagod omagod omagod ah aha ahaahaha!

hihi im penny! *pant pant pant*

it was my birthday! look at this! I have free straws in my mouth! ahahahahahahaah! I’m 14 now!
FROM PENNY penny_pug.jpg

new rog on da block

December 9, 2005

herro rogs,

My rame is Ruby and I am alone at home alot it seems like. I am so excited for this blog recause I don’t get to the rog park very much.

—Ruby ruby_westie.gif